Save Cricket in Colehill

We, Colehill Cricket Club and other local community members, are asking Colehill Sports and Social Club committee to re-consider their decision to end adult cricket being played at Colehill.

Why is this important?

In December 2022 it was decided by the Colehill Sports and Social Club committee that adult cricket was to end indefinitely at Colehill Cricket Club. This was under pressure from a small number of neighbours who had recently moved into houses bordering the cricket ground. Cricket has been played there over 100 years before they moved in.

Colehill Cricket Club has formed part of the community for many years. The ground was gifted to the Club under the covenant cricket was played at the ground.
In recent years it has been home to Wimborne and Colehill teams. Clubs that strive to bring local young players through their teams and benefit the community of Colehill. Many new movers to Colehill during Covid-19 have got involved in the sides.

A proposal was raised by the committee to erect a 48m long x 8m high fence but we feel this was over and above what was necessary and became untenable due to the huge cost of the project.

We understand risk exists when cricket is played but believe a more pragmatic approach could be taken to resolve the dispute. We believe the decision to ban adult cricket is not a proportionate response to the risk involved. We do not believe the community interest and history of cricket in the village has been taken into account properly and hope this petition will demonstrate its value to the local community.

We ask you to sign this petition to encourage the Colehill Sports and Social club committee to reverse the decision to ban adult cricket and take a more pragmatic approach to resolving the issue and ensuring cricket in the village can continue.






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