The Your Story engine was devised as a new way to curate the BBC Archive. It allows users to see & share their life story through memorable, news, TV or any other archive content we can tag and publish into the engine.

Developed by The BBC Rewind team in Northern Ireland and BBC R&D it was first deployed for Taster’s launch in Jan 2015 with an emphasis on News Archive. That project drove over a million unique visitors in under a week and its success allowed us to develop further versions.

For the BBC’s case around Charter Renewal we developed Your BBC Moments  working closely with BBC Marketing who saw the original Your Story  & then commissioned us to work with them. This version allowed users to find and share some of the most memorable BBC moments from their lifetime, including the Christmas Radio Times cover from the year they were born & was promoted heavily off the back of the “For All of Us” TV Campaign throughout 2016.

The most recent version of the Your Story engine has been Your Black & British Moments  a personalised journey through Black & British history we were commissioned to produce for the BBC’s Black & British season.

The Your Story engine has now had over 4 million unique visitors, and is on the roadmap to become a re-usable tool for teams across the BBC in 2017.