Thirteen was BBC Three’s first Drama after the channel moved to becoming an online only service in February 2016. #Findthegirl was a parallel online narrative that took viewers deeper into the drama. It’s was a creative collaboration between Thirteen’s writer Marnie Dickens and our Digital Guerrilla team in Birmingham.

It ran in real time with the online release of the show’s weekly episodes and through a virtual character called Sarah Hays the audience searched for clues for the second missing girl from the story Phoebe Tarl. Each week Sarah used her Twitter account and blog to guide viewers through the evidence. including videos, images and interactive assets like a fake retro school website that can be hacked as part of a game or a corrupt audio file that can be decoded to reveal a message from a Journalist.

Thirteen #Find The Girl from Will Saunders

The audience played a huge part in the experience by sharing clues and theories amongst themselves. They talked directly to Sarah about their ideas and she responded. Thirteen was a huge on demand hit for BBC Three, rivaling Sherlock performance in iPlayer with FindTheGirl being nominated for a Broadcast Digital Award for best Programme Support in July 2016.