The Wrongs Mans was a BBC Comedy Production for BBC 2 & Hulu.

The shows Director Jim Field Smith wanted The Wrong Mans to work across multiple platforms as did writer/performers James Corden & Mat Baynton.

In collaboration with BBC Marketing the Digital Team in BBC Comedy which I managed devised a content strategy to support the series. I secured funding from TV/iPlayer and Marketing to support this & then we worked closely through the shows production cycle to create, alternative storylines, social media assets, and one off events to help drive on demand performance.

Filming The Wrong Mans

The Wrong Mans was BBC2’s biggest comedy launch since Extra’s in 2005, the iPlayer viewing was 11% of overall performance, compared to network average of 7%, but most interestingly the digital campaign drove a  much higher rating/perception of BBC2 than the TV/Radio trails with 63% of respondents saying it changed the way they thought about the channel.

 Our work on The Wrong Mans won a BBC Production Award for innovation in 2015