The Milk Run was a late night comedy series I Exec Produced for Radio 1. It was conceived as a way to get new comedy talent a foothold with the BBC, create one of the first on demand experiences for Radio 1 and a way to circumvent a  log jam we had with Radio 4 Commissioning.

Each week new writers and performers recorded material in the same studio space Pete Tong made his Radio 1 show. Their audio was then given to our resident bootleg DJ Osymyso who then erected sonic cathedrals on a weekly basis.

The Milk Run became a low risk playground for the next generation of UK comedy stars with contribution from John Oliver, Russell Howard, Katherine Parkinson, Mark Watson, Tim Key, Josie Long, Wil Hodgson, Frankie Boyle, Greg Davies and many many more. In 2004 the hour long special we made with Andrew Lawrence was nominated for a Sony Radio Award.