I was asked to establish a specialist digital capability team for the BBC and locate them in Digbeth, Birmingham. This team became known, as The Digital Guerrilla’s, a phrase first used by BBC Director of Digital & Strategy James Purnell in a press release in 2014.

We hired a multi-disciplinary team & emulated a Digital Agency model, marrying,  ideation, design, social media & creative technology, with strong editorial skillsets we could lean into across Television & Radio. In order to find our creative lead I worked with a specialist recruiter, designed  enticing adverts & place them where the BBC do not normally look ie Google Campus

Stefan Shaw was recruited from Manchester based agency Computer Love & in 2015 the team took shape. Their first project was Ramadan In A Day  a collaboration between The Asian Network and BBC Religion & Ethics to track Ramadan in real time on the BBC and on social networks for young British Muslims in the UK. I then asked them to work with the BBC’s in-house TV Drama Department and create a Digital strategy that would support Thirteen, the first new drama for BBC Three after they launched as an online channel early in 2016. The work the team did on Thirteen was nominated for a Broadcast Digital Award. The Digital Guerrilla’s continued to work closely with BBC Three throughout 2016 & when BBC Studios was greenlit as a commercial subsidiary the decision was made to move them into BBC Three from April 2017.