“Overall, the best radio comedy CD you’ll find that doesn’t have the title “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue”. AMAZON

“This is well worth repeat listening. My only complaint is that this is quite short” AMAZON

I produced three series of “The Consultants” for Radio 4 , working closely with writer/performers; Justin Edwards, Neil Edmond & James Rawlings. Our work seems to be regularly repeated on Radio 4 Extra  & the first series was released on CD and is also available on Audible 

We first worked together at Wise Buddah Productions, when they subsequently won the Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe, the BBC Comedy Department were keen to commission a pilot. Each series was always quite tightly formatted with a couple of songs, a running sketch in three parts, and a serial which relied heavily on the editing expertise and sound FX work of Jerry Peal . Whenever possible we recorded sketches twice over different weeks, first to gauge reaction & then a week later to use in the radio recording when we had bought ourselves a little more time to focus on re-writes. Radio 4 gave us a lot of creative freedom, one of the few interventions was the occasion when they would not let us broadcast the harmless Lord’s prayer parodies below…

We recorded three of these as a runner – they went down very well with the  studio audience but were never broadcast.

Justin, Neil & James all went onto have successful careers after The Consultants stopped performing live and recording. I subsequently produced Justin’s pilot for his Perrier Nominated faux Children’s Entertainer “Jeremy Lion”.