I licensed Shorthand for Taster as a way of of innovating visual storytelling around some of our landmark TV Factual & Current Affairs Content. I wanted to translate documentaries & specialist factual television into rich mobile first experiences that could integrate onto the BBC News website and that would hopefully drive up on demand performance for those shows in iPlayer. We seconded AP’s and Researchers on TV productions into our Digital Storytelling Team, gave them access to the Shorthand software, a Digital Technician to work with and minimal budget to generate new assets. Our most successful Shorthand Pilot was with BBC Current Affair’s creating an immersive article authored by counter terrorism expert Peter Taylor for his BBC 2 series “State of Terror” – the inside story on ISIS.

Peter wrote the shorthand as if it was an article for a newspaper or The News Website but we peppered it with high quality images, infographics and video, both from the TV series and bespoke material, including vlogs from You Tuber Humza Arshad

When published the Shorthand was linked through to from The BBC News Website and it drove over a million uniques to Taster.

We followed up the success of that project on a second collaboration with Current Affairs, creating a Shorthand with Vlogger Dina Torkio “My Hijab & Me”  to help augment her BBC Three documentary “Muslim Beauty Pageant”.