Seenit are a small start up in Holborn. They specialise in user directed content on mobile. They were part of a BBC Worldwide Labs Incubation programme in 2015. I was introduced to them & licensed their app for use on Taster.

The takeup of Seenit across the business was spectacular – we cast a SeenIt community of 18 – 25 year olds in order to create buzz for BBC Three content on social media before it was published to IPlayer, BBC News used it to capture audiences reaction to the Brexit referendum, BBC Sport used it for audeinces to show us how they were watching the Rio Olympics in the middle of the night, and Stargazing Live used it to record their audience reacting to Tim Peake’s blast off.

& in 2017 the BBC 1 Marketing Team  will be using Seenit for the audience recordings of the new Saturday Night entertainment specactular “Let It Shine”

Let It Shine Logo