From 2009 to 2013 the BBC Comedy Online Team could pitch for projects to TX on the BBC’s Red Button TV Service. We used this as an opportunity to augment our TV portfolio with content we knew would work after TX of a popular Comedy show on BBC1 or BBC2.  One of our most popular Red Button projects was a series of animations produced to support That Mitchell & Webb Look on BBC 2 .

On fairly limited budget we acquired online & TV rights in a handful of  Mitchell & Webb Radio 4 sketches. We then searched for a popular animators online to work with as we wanted the sketches to find an audience on You Tube as well as on TV. Harry Partridge worked with us on “Attic Junk” & David Firth lent his Fat-Pie 2D Flash minimalism to “Celebrity Fame Zeppelin”

We even ended up giving animation students at Chelsea college of Art the brief to work on as part of their final year degree project. David & Rob signed off the final animations, were delighted with the results and were happy to record a video we published to the BBC Comedy Facebook page.