Jim’s Celeb Blender is a simple-to-use image generator that lets you create your very own surreal celebrity artwork from the amazing Jim’ll Paint It.  It was an early Digital Guerrilla’s pilot for BBC Taster & a collaboration with BBC Three.

You select from a choice of different options (celebrity, action & location) then blend it all together and add a surprise to serve up your very own piece of sharable Jim’ll Paint It artwork with a voiceover to boot. We collaborated with digital agency Fish in a Bottle to produce a responsive browser-based application that allows you to generate 1 of 864 possible combinations! All the scenarios and artwork were created by Jim’ll Paint It himself and feature comedy voiceover from John-Henry Falle – The Story Beast. JIm’s Celeb blender was produced by Ian Ravenscroft & Joe Bell

I commissioned the project as I wanted to open up BBC Three to the world of non video, non linear content that could find an audience. On Taster the project had over 400,000 unique visitors and it helped to cement a relationship between The Digital Guerrilla’s & BBC Three

Benedict Cumberbatch levitating a trolley of oven chips