Video that could support user interaction through gestures, voice, touch and clicks was quite the thing in 2015. In preparation for the launch of BBC Taster we acquired licenses for a handful of interactive video software. The most useful being Touchcast & Interlude . At that particular time Voice judge Will.I.Am was an investor in Touchcast which piqued the interest of our Director of Television, Danny Cohen and partly helped legitimise a variety of interactive video projects. As with a lot of work we did on BBC Taster – the value came from repeatedly piloting the same software with different editorial teams across the business…

Our first big Touchcast project “Story of Now” which Touchcast produced themselves – benefitted from the stunt casting of Idris Elba but over time the projects produced with Interlude proved more enduring and popular with editorial teams and audiences alike. Notable successes included;

Casualty: First Day 

Casualty First Day was a ground-breaking interactive episode of BBC1’s flagship medical drama, Casualty. The user is put in the shoes of a Junior Doctor and works alongside regular characters from the main show to make life and death decisions. Depending on the choices made, there are several different endings and no two play-throughs are the same, leading to a unique assessment and feedback from Clinical Lead, Connie Beauchamp. It had over 1.5 million views with the audience skewing mainly female and under 35, which contrasted massively with its largely over 60 + TV audience. Casualty First Day was also nominated for a Rockie at the Banff Media Awards in 2016

Run The Jewels:

Run The Jewels agreed to let us film them & create the worlds first Interactive Hip Hop Gig. It let fans choose the best spot to see the show, curated the social media acitvity from the night and then let them hang out with Killer Mike & El P after the show. This project was shared in over 20 different countries in 2015 and won a BBC Production award for Innovation.