Bodyhack was a BBC Three Documentary made with gaming communities on YouTube in mind. We had pitched the story of Twitch the fastest growing video platform in the world but the ask from BBC Three was to focus on human interest stories. Research & development led us to James Young, a sizzle tape was made and we were quickly commissioned to tell James’s amazing story. The wins were persuading BBC Three to prioritise the release on YouTube, the engagement of Gaming Sites (thanks to our publicist Mimmi) & the fantastic execution on a tight budget from our Producer/Director Hannah Wesson.

James Young

Bodyhack has now had 1.2 million views on You Tube, which for a two part 25 minute documentary  is pretty decent. It’s also been used by BBC Three in their latest channel promo. In September 2016 Bodyhack won the People’s Choice Award & a Silver Medal Award for Short Form Video at the Lovies 2016.