Taster is a home for new ideas at the BBC. For our business it was a stepping stone to data informed decision making and & way to test new technologies, new formats and new talent. For our audiences it was an offer to try, rate & share the latest ideas from the BBC.

I led the creative development of Taster working closely with BBC R&D and BBC Strategy. The platform launched in January 2015 with the concept being well received and appreciated by audiences.

In its first twelve months Taster projects won five different digital media awards, in its second twelve months it doubled its audience & led the way for BBC understanding around new forms of storytelling in areas like interactive video, virtual & augmented reality, and voice led interaction.  It also  helped to inform the development of social first storytelling for TV landmark series like BBC Two’s Big Life Fix  resulting in over 60 million views for Big Life Fix videos on the BBC News Facebook Page

Now in its third year Taster has had over 14 million unique users


Below is a presentation we made to BBC TV Commissioning outlining the opportunities that Taster could provide them with in 2017 and beyond…

BBC Taster TV Summary from Will Saunders