You Tube was our antidote to and in 2010 we launched the BBC Comedy You Tube channel as a way of syndicating what we were making on the BBC website.

We quickly learnt that there was a very different audience we could reach on You Tube & we began to work with artists like The Midnight Beast & Jazzie Zonzolo to capitalise on that.

We also reacted quickly to breaking news stories with simple comedy formats.

And we worked with TV Indies like Roughcut who developed their own You Tube friendly stars like Misery Bear & with known talent like Adam Buxton who could work to a brief and deliver his own content, if we supplied him with cleared archive.

We grew the You Tube channel and our reputation & In 2012 in partnership with BBC Worldwide I pitched and won a commission to launch a funded BBC Comedy You Tube Channel. Unfortunately the BBC &  Google could not come to an agreement on rights issues  on You Tube and the channel never launched.

Britcom You Tube Channel from willpsaunders

But for every viral hit or successful bit of TV Development there are the near misses. These are the videos that just are & always will be….

Doc Brown “Granpa Dave” – Doc Brown made a series of music videos with us. David Attenborough wrote him a handwritten letter to thank him for this one

The Amazing Wizards “Cock Rocket” – Before he was an acclaimed film director Ben Wheatley and his Editor Rob mucked about on You Tube with us.

Pat Cahill “Chick N Mix” – Pat Cahill made his first video with us after having won a stand up comedy award. It was bitterly cold and snowing all day long.

David Firth; I used to call David every few weeks and ask him to make us something. We were never quite sure what he’d come up with. It was always good…