Is Culture Digital?

This is a keynote speech I made to the Arts Marketing Association in December 2017…. I was kindly invited to speak to you today because of a project that I have recently been working on for the government. I was not a full time Civil Servant I was seconded over from my role at the time […]

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Thinking Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box Ad

Originally given as a speech at Spotify, Stockholm, Sweden Why thinking outside the box? It’s an advert we ran for a role we were recruiting for last year. I was looking for someone to run a specialist capability team in Birmingham and the ad just stuck with me so I’ve been using it ever since. […]

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VR & The BBC

The BBC has always been an innovator in technology from installing TV transmitters at Alexandra Palace in 1936 to streaming the Six Nations Rugby Internationals to Tim Peake onboard the International Space Station in February this year. The BBC has always innovated in content as well, from launching the UK’s first sci-fi TV series, Doctor […]

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